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Custom Mobility Equipment

To meet unique requirements, CHME’s team of licensed Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) evaluates patients alone or in tandem with an independent therapist. The ATPs visit patients at home or see them in a clinical setting, such as an outpatient rehab hospital. They will take body measurements and assess environmental obstacles as well as discuss postural problems, skin protection needs and special accessories needed to accomplish the highest possible level of independence and comfort in the patient’s daily life. CHME then helps select the right product, writes up how it should be set up, including dimensions and functionality, and places order with the manufacturer.

CHME works with leading providers to deliver top-quality power mobility equipment, including:

Custom Seating

CHME also offers custom seating. To do this, ATPs take a mold of the patient’s body, then take a digital image of that impression and a truly custom cushion is made from that image. These types of products are used to accommodate and/or correct significant orthopedic deformities. Custom planar seating systems are also available. For this, CHME ATPs take very specific information from the patient’s anatomical dimensions and posture and apply that to a custom seat insert and back support.

CHME’s partners for custom seating include:

Service and Repairs

CHME has a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced wheelchair technicians to help disabled patients with repairs to their equipment – from battery and tire changes to electronic repairs. In the workshop at the Foster City branch office, the team can perform just about any repair and modification to equipment, including adjustments to frames, change of motors, adding additional power functions and assembling custom seating components.

CHME also maintains a substantial fleet of loaner equipment that can be made available to patients who experience downtime during a repair or when special parts need to be ordered.