About CHMELeadership


Bernie Zimmer, Founder, President and CEO

  • Founded CHME in 2003
  • 35+ year veteran of the HME industry who has witnessed, firsthand, the seismic changes in the industry and developed a successful business strategy navigating the challenges of managed care as well as staying relevant as a Medicare supplier in a post-competitive bidding world
  • Bernie started his first DME Company in 1982 and sold it to a large Home Health Provider in 1995.

Lauren Barranti, Executive Vice President

  • Joined CHME in 2017 and is responsible for leadership to accomplish CHME’s growth initiatives with a focus on driving financial and revenue cycle performance
  • 20+ years of industry experience working with medical providers, insurers and government agencies to support the health care needs of those in our community and across the country
  • Prior to joining CHME, Lauren held senior positions at Apria Healthcare and Baxter as well as a sales position at HCA.


Alan Oiwa, COO

  • Joined CHME at its founding in 2003 and oversees all operational functions at CHME
  • 25+ years of DME industry experience working in operations, billing, customer service and logistics positions for local, regional and national companies
  • Prior to joining CHME, Alan worked as a regional manager for MHCS Inc. and as an area manager for Crest Medical, NMC Homecare and Lincare.

Ed Ettleman, Director of Customer Service and Experience

  • Joined CHME in 2007 and oversees CHME’s Customer Service Department as well as Customer Experience
  • 34+ years of industry experience in operational roles, including marketing, contracting, operations, billing, customer service, logistics and area manager
  • Prior to joining CHME, Ed held positions with national and regional companies, including Homedco, Apria Healthcare, and Lincare.


Vincent Poon, Controller

  • Joined CHME in 2013 and oversees accounting and strategic finance, including pricing, costing, budget management, inventory controls as well as accounting and financial reporting
  • 20+ years of experience in finance and accounting and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant with the state of Washington
  • Prior to joining CHME he held controller and accounting positions at MVS, Purdie Rogers, Vicon and LoSasso.


Jan Demuth, Director of Operations & Revenue Cycle Management

  • Joined CHME in 2006 and oversees its operating systems to ensure compliance with documentation requirements and accurate reimbursement as well as acting as the liaison to all revenue cycle management partners
  • 10+ years of experience in the DME industry
  • Prior to joining CHME, Jan worked as an Operations Manager for Grandmar, Inc., a custom rehab provider in the East Bay.


Theresa Elmore, HR Manager

  • Joined CHME in 2003 and was instrumental in helping with its start and continues to play a key role, especially with implementing CHME’s mission statement as well as analyzing and organizing office operations and procedures (such as preparation of payrolls, and personnel, information), coordinating activities of the president, reviewing clerical and personnel oversight
  • 26+ years as the Human Resources manager of healthcare companies
  • Prior to joining CHME, Theresa was HR Manager at MHCS


Annie Fung, Director of Capitation Services

  • Joined CHME in 2014 and provided project management, calculated price per member per month rates and shared case management from an acute care setting’s perspective
  • Annie has over 15 years of experience in the health care industry with a background in business development
  • Prior to joining CHME, Annie worked for Seton Medical Center as a Data Analyst for Care Management, UCSF as a Cancer Researcher, and held positions at an Ethernet service provider and internet start-ups.


Oleg Beleaev, Senior Data Analyst

  • Joined CHME in 2014 and provides extensive IT support, ETL, data management and new projects development
  • 9+ years of experience in the IT industry
  • Prior to joining CHME, Oleg worked for the Italian brand CAVIO, Inc., in the IT department as a main .Net developer.