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Oxygen Delivery Services

All of CHME’s oxygen supplies are available for home delivery. This service includes delivery and full setup as well as training for patients new to oxygen therapy. CHME’s delivery team receives ongoing training, according to industry standards, on how to set up equipment and train patients to use it. Delivery services include oxygen refills and pickup of empty cylinders along with ongoing maintenance and service checks.

In addition, CHME has a team of licensed Respiratory Therapists available for follow-up visits to assist patients in finding the best delivery solution to suit their medical needs and individual lifestyle. CHME also provides Respiratory Therapy follow-up after low flow and high liter flow patients have been set up.

CHME has 24-hour, on-call service available to assist patients with troubleshooting and/or replacing equipment if needed. A designated on-call driver is always available for service calls after hours and through the night.

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