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Nutrition Services

CHME has Registered Dietitians who can help set up enteral nutrition systems as well as train caregivers and medical providers on using them at the hospital bedside or in a home setting. CHME’s staff works closely with doctors’ offices to determine the right product to best meet a patient’s nutritional needs and be tolerated by the patient. The Registered Dietitians can also monitor usage of formula and make adjustments to make sure that the patient receives the maximum benefit from nutritional therapy. CHME also offers services to administer enteral feeding via syringe, gravity (bolus) or feeding pump delivery.

To ensure that patients have the supplies they need at all times, CHME provides in-house clinical follow-up and has a specialized department that helps with the resupply of formula for the patient. Personal phone calls are made, on a monthly basis, to check supply levels and future needs to make sure that no food shortages occur. Resupplies are shipped directly from manufacturers to ensure the fastest delivery and freshness of the product.

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