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My doctor already sent you a prescription, why have you not sent out my product yet?

Your doctor took an important first step. For some insurances and product lines, this alone will allow us to provide you with the items and services requested. But many insurances require additional documentation, such as patient chart notes, testing results etc., to demonstrate that the request meets their guidelines for coverage.  Our customer service team works closely with your doctor’s office and other health care providers, on your behalf, to obtain those documents. We realize that delays do not make anyone happy, and we do our best to establish coverage as fast as possible to make sure your insurance will ultimately pay the bill, so you don’t have to.

You are contracted with my insurance, why can’t I get this product from you?

Medicare along with some other insurances contract with different providers for different product lines so we cannot always provide our full spectrum of services under that health plan.  If these cases we will make you aware up front and you have an option to either pay out of pocket for the product or your insurance can refer you to a different provider. In some cases, the insurance contract only covers the least expensive item that meets the medical guidelines in any product group. In these cases we may not be able to accept your insurance on the product you desire but will offer a similar substitute. In some cases your insurance will allow that you pay an upcharge for premium equipment.

Why are you asking for money although I have insurance?

You may end up with an out-of-pocket responsibility even though we bill your insurance. Many health plans have annual deductibles, which have to be met before they pay for the benefit. For durable medical equipment many plans also have coinsurance percentages built into their policies. In those cases they will only pay a portion of the claim and the remaining amount falls to the beneficiary’s responsibility. In some cases, they will exclude an item for coverage altogether under their guidelines, so you would have to pay out of pocket for the entire cost. We realize how confusing this can get, and our staff will make their best effort to give you a good estimate of possible out of pocket costs before delivery of your equipment. Unfortunately we cannot give any guarantees for accuracy, as the decision ultimately lies with your insurance. We strongly recommend that you contact your health plan and ask how your individual policy covers certain product groups before you receive any healthcare services.

I do not want to rent this product, can I purchase it outright?

There are certain items that are “rental only”. Common examples include oxygen concentrators and ventilators.  Most items have a rental a rental cap where we bill on a monthly basis up to a certain threshold.  If a member is requesting a different time frame for the rental cap or purchase outright, the Health Plans typically dictate if that is an option. CHME will submit an auth with this request but Health Plan makes final decision. . Many electric wheelchairs fall into that category. If you rent any item from our company and your insurance changes, it is imperative that you notify us immediately so we can update your health plan benefits.  If you do not notify us, the member does run the risk of becoming financially responsible for the monthly payments.

Can I get the product without a prescription, and can you still bill my insurance?

Generally you need a prescription for most items covered by your insurance. There are some cases where we can provide certain items that do not require a prescription under state and federal law and have you sign a waiver form to seek reimbursement from your insurance without a doctor’s order. You would need to pay for the item up front in these cases.  We will disclose to your insurance that you have no prescription for these services and they will make an individual coverage decision. Some items such as oxygen, CPAP and the associated supplies require a doctor’s order under state and federal laws and we cannot dispense them to you at all if you do not have a current prescription for them.


I saw a product on the internet that I liked; can I get it through your company?

In most cases, yes, it will depend on our vendor agreements with the manufacturers. However, we do have somewhat refined formulary that is assessed routinely to constantly evaluate our offering and ensure the latest technology. We are happy to special order items if in the event it is an item that we do not carry but are able to secure. We strive to offer you fair and competitive price on any product we provide, and we are able to offer many products at significant discounts off of the manufacturer’s list price. CHME does not buy products in bulk like internet distributors and this means we cannot always offer them at the same price you will find online. For the same reason we cannot offer a money-back-guarantee if you receive a product from us and afterwards find it online for a lower cost.

Do you have a showroom where I can look at products?

We do not have a showroom, but we can provide you with brochures and catalog pages of our stock inventory and our customer service staff will gladly answer any questions you may have about the specifics of products. For more complex equipment such as custom rehab mobility products, our specially trained staff members can arrange for demo equipment that you can try in your home or in a clinical setting, so you can familiarize yourself thoroughly with the product before you make a commitment.

I do not like the product I got, will you take it back?

Yes, we will honor any request to return equipment within 30 calendar days from the day you received it, with the exception of personal hygiene items such as commodes, shower chairs, and tub transfer benches. On complex rehab equipment that was custom ordered based on your measurements, our seating specialists will aim to work with you on adjustments and modifications to the equipment to improve its fit, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation during this process. However, if you decide that even after adjustments the equipment does not meet your need, we will honor your original return request if you made it within the 30 days.

I am not sure how to use this; will someone set it up and train me?

Yes. While we drop off or drop ship many basic items with written instructions and user manuals, you can always contact us if you need additional help, and if we cannot resolve your issues over the phone we will gladly set up a service visit to your home to help set up the equipment and train you on its use. More involved services such as oxygen, hospital beds, or rehab items are always delivered and set up in person by a trained technician who will ensure the equipment is in good working order and give you detailed instructions how to use it.

What do I do when my equipment malfunctions?

If you have an acute medical emergency, please call 911. For non-threatening malfunctions, call us. If the malfunction is related to oxygen, you can connect to a service technician 24/7. For non-life-sustaining services a service appointment can be set up with our customer service during business hours. Do not try to repair any equipment yourself, as this may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Does the utility company offer a discount for my oxygen equipment that needs to be plugged in?

Yes, PG&E does offer savings for life-supporting equipment. More information can be found on the PG&E website.


Will you deliver to my home and do I have to be there for that?

Yes, we will deliver personally to your home or have your equipment and supplies drop-shipped by a third party. You can arrange for a designated person to take delivery of the items. We do require signatures for most items we drop-ship to make sure the shipments do not get lost.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

Yes, although we cannot always guarantee that we can make your requested time frame, we will note your request on the order as it goes out to distribution and we will do our best to accommodate when we plan our daily delivery routes. You will receive a call with an estimated arrival window in the morning of your delivery day. If the window does not work for you we will give it our best effort to move the delivery to a different time slot, and if that does not work either you will have an opportunity to reschedule the delivery.

Do you deliver on weekends?

All routine deliveries happen from Monday through Friday between 11am and 7pm, but we have an on-call driver for emergency situations on the weekend and after business hours.

I am waiting for a delivery and it has not arrived yet; who do I call?

During our office hours from 08:30AM to 5:00PM, you can call customer service at 800-906-0626 or 650-357-8550 for a delivery update. For after hour emergencies, you can call the same number to reach our answering service, which can connect you with the on-call driver.

I am moving; will you move my equipment for me?

We will move a hospital bed if your destination is still within the confines of our service area; insurances do not cover equipment moves and we will apply a fee based on the travel distance. Please contact our Customer Service for details.

Pick-ups and Returns

I want to have my equipment picked up, who do I call?

Please call Customer Service at 800-906-0626 or 650-357-8550 to schedule a pickup.

How soon can you come pick this up?

Pickups can usually get done on the next business day after the day you called in the pickup. We will use the date you call in your pickup request as your final bill date for rental equipment, even if we do not pick it up right away, as long as the equipment gets picked up within a week.

Can I return this to the office myself?

Yes, absolutely. You can bring your equipment to our Foster City or San Jose branch offices during regular business hours from Monday through Friday, 08:30AM to 5:00PM. You can call in earlier to announce your intention to return the equipment on a certain day, and we will use that call date as your final bill date, as long as you bring in the equipment within a week after the call.

I still have my equipment but have never used it, will you bill me?

We call our rental patients on a regular basis to inquire about the status of the equipment, if it needs maintenance, and if you still use it. You can use this opportunity to let us know if you no longer need the equipment and we will arrange for a pickup and if a discharge from your  physician is needed and we do not have proper documents, we will have you sign a waiver indicating that you no longer use/need. We will bill the period from delivery to the time you contact us with your pickup request.

If I need this again, can I get it back?

Yes, if you return a rented item before the rental period has run its course and ownership has not yet transferred to you, you can request the equipment back and continue to rent it. If the break in service lasted for more than a year, you will need a new prescription and medical records from your doctor to re-establish medical necessity.


Do you have oxygen concentrators that are approved for travel?

We have a small rental fleet of portable oxygen concentrators suitable for airline travel. Please make sure to contact us at least a month ahead of your travel date to make find out if we have one available for you and make a reservation. Unfortunately we do not have enough units to guarantee availability, so the sooner you make your arrangements, the better. Please call Customer Service, at 800-906-0626 or 650-357-8550, for details.

Do I have to pay for travel equipment?

Generally insurance does not pay for travelling equipment so we charge private rental fees for the use of portable oxygen concentrators. Please call Customer Service, at 800-906-0626 or 650-357-8550, for details.

How do I go about renting oxygen equipment for travel from you?

Please contact our Customer Service Department, at 800-906-0626 or 650-357-8550, as early as possible to announce your travel plans and make a reservation for equipment. You can schedule an appointment ahead to pick up the travel unit at our office ahead of the trip and return it to our office after you get back.

I am driving with oxygen tanks, how can I get refills away from home?

Please contact us ahead of your trip so we can make arrangements with an oxygen provider in the area you look to visit who can provide you with oxygen tanks and refills. You will receive these from the provider at no cost to you and they will bill CHME, but they need a copy of your prescription.

Can I bring an electric wheelchair on the airplane?

Unfortunately, airlines do not allow you to travel in your power wheelchair in the airline cabin; you will have to check it in. If it gets damaged during transit, please have an airline provider contact CHME directly to arrange for repairs when you get back. We do not offer repairs at your travel destination, please inquire for a referral.