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Respiratory Equipment

CHME offers a one-stop shop for a wide range of respiratory equipment, including:

  • CPAPs (Standard and Auto)
  • BiPAPs
  • Ventilators (invasive and non-invasive)
  • Compressor Mists
  • Suction Units
  • Cough Assists
  • Nebulizers
  • CPAP Supplies
  • Vent Supplies
  • Tracheostomy Supplies
  • High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation

CHME works with leading providers to deliver top-quality respiratory equipment, including:

CPAPs and Bi-PAPs, used for patients with sleep apnea, are set up by CHME’s clinical staff who also follow up to assure compliance.

Home Ventilators, which support breathing for adults and pediatric patients, are always set up by a respiratory therapist. CHME will also work with the patient to make sure they have their portability needs possible, working in conjunction with its rehab team.

Compressor Mists, for patients who have had a tracheostomy, to keep the airway moist as well as suction devices, which are used for clearing of the airway orally, are set up by CHME’s clinical team. Oral suction can be set up by CHME’s technicians, and tracheal suction is usually set up by CHME’s respiratory therapists.

Cough Assist devices, which are used to clear secretions from the lungs, are set up and instructed by CHME’s respiratory therapists.

Nebulizers, for patients with breathing disorders, are usually tabletop devices. However, for those patients needing portability, we have portable units that are used with a battery pack. (Please check with your insurance — battery packs are not usually covered.) For ease of ordering, these are usually drop-shipped to patients in a day or two, as long as CHME has the proper dispensing orders.

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