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Power Mobility Equipment

For patients who need power mobility products, CHME offers a wide selection of options, including:

  • Power operated vehicles (POV or scooters) – 3 wheels and 4 wheels
  • Standard power wheelchairs
  • Power wheelchairs for custom rehab mobility

CHME works with leading providers to deliver top-quality power mobility equipment, including:

CHME assesses each patient to determine all requirements then helps identify equipment that is right for them. Because CHME represents a number of brands, patients are presented with a variety of products to be sure they get the right equipment for their medical needs, access issues and activities of daily living. Once requirements are determined and options identified, CHME technicians help patients try each one, so they can get a feel for them and make an informed decision about which is the best fit.

After a selection is made, CHME Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) work with each patient to be sure that they understand how to use the equipment. CHME ATPs also follow up to make sure that the equipment is useful to the patient, address any potential problems before they become a bigger and make sure patients are happy with their equipment. CHME ATPs also take time to develop a relationship with patients, so they are comfortable asking for help with any issue that may arise during the useful lifetime of their equipment.

Service and Repairs

CHME has a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced wheelchair technicians to help disabled patients with repairs to their equipment – from battery and tire changes to electronic repairs. In the workshop at the Foster City branch office, the team can perform just about any repair and modification to equipment, including adjustments to frames, change of motors, adding additional power functions and assembling custom seating components.

CHME also maintains a substantial fleet of loaner equipment that can be made available to patients who experience downtime during a repair or when special parts need to be ordered.