About CHMETestimonials

From Our Customers

“I’m 63 years old with a T2 spinal cord injury that I sustained in 2001. CHME has provided my medical supplies since then. The service is very reliable. I just make one phone call and my supplies are delivered. I also take my wheelchair to CHME’s repair shop for maintenance. The repair guys are very good as well as knowledgeable and friendly.”

Gill L.

“When my hospital bed broke, CHME was quick to schedule an appointment for repair.  That is what I would have expected.  What was a delight and surprise was the two of the nicest gentlemen showed up at my house to do the work.  They were the nicest gentlemen – just so kind, patient and considerate.  They not only repaired my bed, but boosted my spirits.”

Paula P.

“We have had a very good experience with CHME, since 2013.  My husband’s needs are highly complex and the respiratory therapist has been fantastic – very attentive and supportive.  When my husband was in the hospital, she trained me on how to use the equipment.  Then, when we came home, she continued to check in with me to be sure that I was comfortable using the equipment.  CHME’s team also had an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) bring two power wheelchairs for my husband to try then helped with the measurements to ensure that the height and width were fitted correctly.  When the chair was ready, a technician came to explain all of the features and to ensure that my husband was comfortable using it.  Overall, CHME has been really good to us – especially the respiratory therapist.”

Louise J.

“CHME is the only provider that I know of that truly cares about me, and understands and responds to my lifestyle. I am a young professional and have a variety of complex medical needs. Their rehab and respiratory teams are professional, responsive and treat their customers with dignity and respect.”

Victor P.

From Our Employees

“I have worked in the CHME Rehab division since its inception in 2006. Although CHME is not the first or only company I have worked for in my career, it is the company I will be staying at for as long as there is an opportunity for me to be there. This is because CHME has always put the customer/patient first, which makes us unique and I believe sets us apart from other companies that do what we do. Putting the customer’s needs first and having that be a constant reminder of why we do what we do has allowed CHME to develop a team of people that share these principles. From the office staff that processes the insurance authorizations and claims to the technicians repairing equipment in the field, CHME has managed to find staff that truly enjoy the work they do and understand the larger scale impact each of their roles play in the company and for its customers/patients.”

Scott B.

“I have been with CHME for over a year now and I can attest that CHME’s culture is just amazing. You get the benefit to actually affect people’s lives every day, and you’re surrounded by a group of people that are approachable, caring, and supportive.”

Victor H.

“CHME has a truly open door policy – like none I’ve ever seen. Since joining CHME in 2013, I have been very impressed with the management team’s willingness to listen to employees. They pay close attention when any issues are raised or new ideas are suggested. Everyone wants to keep moving forward and make improvements, so they not only listen, but act on suggestions and proposed solutions.”

Vincent P.