About CHME

CHME was founded on the guiding principle of putting patients first. From the start, CHME’s team has been focused on getting patients where they need to be and being there for them when additional support is required.

Providing a full range of home medical products, supplies and services, CHME couples its extensive portfolio with experts in each category to match patients’ needs with the best solutions.

Privately owned and operated since 2003, CHME has worked with patients, health plan partners and referrals to make it easy to get what they need quickly and cost effectively. CHME has a proven track record of meeting all providers’ distribution requirements with a proven model for rapidly scaling to meet changing demand.


CHME is proud to be an accredited home healthcare provider through the CHAP – Community Health Accreditation Partner agency. Both its Foster City and San Jose branches have successfully undergone the rigorous on-site examination process required to meet their Standards of Excellence.